I'm looking at purchasing my first acoustic guitar and after researching on the internet, i popped down to a local store where they had a reasonable selection of predominantly Freshman guitars. These seem like really good guitars and have had many good reviews!

This is the cheapest freshman they had, the FA1DBK:


RRP of 169.99 but was in the shop at 140.00. The next models i've forgotten but were being sold at 170.00

Firstly i would appreciate your opinions on the guitar itself and then i have one further question.

Upon showing me the guitar we both noticed that there was a tiny indent/ mark on the top, and he immediately told me he could reduce the price to just over 100.00 !
Despite this indent/mark when i played the guitar (only strummed the strings a bit as i havent learnt properly yet) it sounded really good quality !

Should i take the offer of the reduced price as there is no obvious sound impediment ?
you should take someone who does play when you get your first,
being internet savvy just check out reviews, my first was the best reviewed starter pack on amazon.co.uk - a yamaha f310.
best thing i could of done!
Have you looked in any pawn shops? That's where I got my acoustic. It was priced at $190 but they immediately brought it down to $140(included a case and nice capo). I figured I had already got a good deal, but I looked it up on Fender's website and imagine my surprise to find out my guitar was at least 19 years old and worth a minimum of $325!!!!
So, it might be a good idea to go to a local pawn shop and get some numbers from the guitar(price, serial number, number/letters inside the body) and do some research on them. I realized I would have got a great deal at $190 anyways!
And a few marks isn't bad, mine had sticky candy on it that came off on a shirt after playing for a few minutes. I managed to get it off without messing up the guitar.
So do your research and just make the best decision you can. Hope this helped and happy hunting.
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my first was an epiphone pr150. i only paid 100 for it and i'm still playing it 4 years later. decent sounding guitar
Check out the ibanez ijv50 accoustic starter pack at guitar center.
it just for $100, cheapest acoustic guitar i could find online manufactured by one of the elite's of guitar manufacturers.

i bought it and am extremely happy with it.

the pack will include a dreadnought guitar, 5 0.60mm picks,an electronic tuner, strap, gig bag and some spare parts like a bridge and pin.
my advise is this, if ur really and truly are interested in leaning to play take the time and save.Buy a guitar that is good quality, and pay the exta money. Because down the road if u buy a $200 u will not be satisfied with it, once u learn to play a bit. Plus cheaper guitars are usually harder on the fingers. Note this is if ur planning to buy an accoustic. another point is don't buy cheap strings, u wud not by a expensive sterio and then by cheap speakers. I use Elixer 11 gauge, they are expensive, but last 3 to 5 times a set that cost $10 or so. Plus they sound great, and they have a nanoweb over them to protect the string against dirt and sweat, hence the long life. hope this info was useful. Oh I play a Martin D28, yahama CPX15W, and I just bought the Fender Sonoran. This fender is not bad for the buck, but the action is high, so I lowered it and I play it over a Roland ACC 60 amp. it sounds great and now has a great action.
for a first acoustic guitar, look around for used stuff, and take a look at the "Guitars under $300?!?" thread, there's some real good ones in there. If you can find something in the "under $300" thread used, that would probably be your best bet.

If you do buy a used one, make sure it's setup decently and the strings aren't major old. If the strings are major old...you'll need to change them.
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