I have a friend who used to be buddies with one of the guitarists of Trivium. Trivium made it big and naturally the guitarist had to leave the area to go tour and record. Now around 7 months ago my friend ran into this particular person and tried to have a good reunion with him, but he simply shrugged him off and insulted him badly, leaving my friend to punch him in the face and run off.

Im just looking other peoples negative experiences with rock stars.
i met roger from less than jake... but it really sucked.. i looked up to him cause he was like 16 when he joined the band and was like famous that young, so it was kinda inspiring then when i met him he was a total arsehole
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i was sound teching the zutons the other day.
their manager was an arse an kept on making unreasonable requests for stage equipment. the band themselves were very nice though, but they're not really party people.
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I haven't met anyone really. A few of my friends played with Van Morrison at a blues festival here for those that know him. Said he was an awful egotistical b*stard. On the positive side, My dad got drunk with Scott Gorham a few years back. Said he was a very very cool guy. I know it's not negative but if i'm correct it's the guitarist in Icarus Lives' avatar. ULTIMATE COOKIE FOR ME!
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I've only had good experiences. I met Alien Ant Farm and they let us backstage and we hung out for about an hour, and I played Joe Hill's guitar. He said I was good I also met Oh Sleeper and they were super nice. They talked to us for a good while.
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I've never met a real rockstar. You've met someone who punched one of Trivium in the face, he's a hero!

Actually he is one of my best friends. Hes the guitarist from Death Before Redemption, an Orlando Death Metal band. Myspace.com/Deathbeforeredemption666. He holds a huge grudge against Matt Heafy...and I guess Heafy holds one now too...

I guess thats what ya get for letting the whole rock star thing get to your head.