I downloaded a midi file and opened it in guitar pro. The main melody is only played over the top two strings of the guitar. I want to use all my 6 strings and was wondering whether I can use the software to spread out the notes over all six strings. Or is there some other software for doing that? Please let me know. Manually doing it could be a pain in the ass.
What? you mean you want to find the same notes on all 6 strings to play it that way? That would make your life very difficult. Just play it how it is, it's the same notes...
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guitar pro automatically sets stuff as the easiest way of playing it usually, however sometimes it can be a bit out of wack, midis aren't the best way to get a track on GP, best download a gp version if possibly, otherwise, why not edit it yourself?
just use the built-in tool to move em up the strings lol
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