I'm just going to get pretty straight forward with my titles now,

As Blood Runs Black inspired Metal/Death -Core (Whichever -core you prefer)

Uh. C4C.


Yes, poop.
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Although it's nothing new at all, it's a very solid song. Reminded me a lot of Black Dahlia Murder in places. A bit more variation in the riffs and the solo would have been nice, less of the straight copypasta repeats.
8/10 for the song, a lot less for the originality, but I'm not fussed about that
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Intro was cool liked the feel of it, nice drums aswell. At about E I had enough of that riff, but it just kept on going until like H. Didn't really dig the drum at part I. Liked part L. At M and N I didn't like the 64ths. The breakdown kinda thing after that with the bass continuing that thing is cool. Outro was kind of weak with the fade out.

The song was ok, but needs a lot more structure in my opninion, because this sounded just like a lot of riffs sequenced together for me. Pretty solid though, could turn into something awesome with some rearranging.

Crit mine?
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Like the intro riff.
Nice break at D
F is awesome. I love it.
The diminished stuff at H is a little too generic.
Love the lead at K. So epic.
M and N were also great.
Love the bass at O and P. Not digging the breakdown crap though.

Nothing really original, but it's still a solid song. 7.5/10

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The opening riff is okay, it's nothing special, but it works. What makes it better is the variations you add to it. But it still gets very repetitive.

The riff at the 4/4 time change doesnt do anything for me, it's okay, but it's veeerrrry typical again, the harmonising heres good. The bit after this ruled!

The rhythm guitar still riffing up and the lead over the top was sick. good job!

The breakdown with a bass lead was also sweet! was very impressed with the song from here on in. good job!
Firstly I'm going to say well done.
I'm big on Death-core stuff and this track hits the nail on the head spot on.
The whole intro is perfect if your going for that ABRB sound and i like in the verse when those octave chords come in that was a nice touch. The diminished riff is pretty sweet especially when the drums go into half time. The solo was nice and you fit the background music over it really well, and then it heats up that Beatdown with the bass arpeggios was sweet then dropping the lead back over the top was the icing on top of the cake. Overall a bloody good job id give that 8-9/10 so well done.
Tell me what you think of my track its inspired by the same sorta **** maybe a bit more melodic, but anyway it would be good to have crit from someone who's into the deathcore scene.
Cheers man.
Watch out for FLOODS exploding onto the UK Deathcore scene this summer.
Did this as I listened... With a bunch of start-stopping. lol
If it comes off as harsh, take it as tough love. I don't mean to be mean.. But you even said it yourself. This is generic generic generic.

A: Drums need a lot of work. The guitar part is nice. Good transition.
B: Everyone is harmonizing. Drums are better here.
C: See b.
D: Could've used a new riff under the chord..
E: I'm tired of this riff.
F: I like the rhythm. It should continue a little more.
G: Not as good as F. But at least it's something different.
H: Don't use the same trick twice. It loses power.
I: I write riffs like this sometimes. It's nice.
J: I like the harmonization here.
K: Nice lead feeling.
L: Harmonization again.
M: I liked the lead here too.
N: Harmonization again.
O: Same trick again. But I like the bass a lot.
P: I like the guitars and bass at P.
Q: Good change in the drums.
R-V: See above.

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*Section A was good and I especially like the harmonized bit at the end of bar 5

*It was a amazing riff but it got slightly overdone and I was pretty happy when it hit section D and had a break but then it came back in again on E a change would be cool

*I liked the contrast between section F and section G a lot

*I loved section H mainly the end of bar 31

*All was good until section P when it hit the breakdown which I thought was mega weak, just kinda kills the mood however i did like R when it has the melody over the top

*I liked the fadeout at the end

Overall i'd give it a 8.5/10 - good stuff you've got here and you definately nailed the ABRB sound

Crit this is you can be assed : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=20689651#post20689651
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