I'd like to know, how do I play something that's tabbed like this for example:


Do I strum them separately or at the same time? If at the same time, then how? Use 2 fingers and pluck 'em?


P.S. Sorry for my bad english...
What I do is take my index finger and mute the middle string while holding down the 10th fret(in your case) and then strum it all.
yeah, you have to mute it. just curve your hand down a little bit and it mutes it
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Yeah. Those are called octaves (cos' they're an octave apart). It's supposed to be a finger per fret, but I find it easier to use my index and pinky. And as the guy above said, mute it using your index finger.
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Depends what style of music it is, I'm going to guess that they're for rock. For those you should use a pick and just finger them as you would a power chord, while muting the other strings in the same way, and just strum away.