My other thread got all clogged up so I've made a new one.

I want to trade/sell my

- Fender Princeton (I fitted it out with an 80 watt Celestion speaker)
Great amp, soothing cleans, powerful overdrive and fantastic built-in effects.
It's done me well, but too big for my room and I'm looking for a tube amp.
Comes with footswitch
-Fender Frontman 25R
Hardly used since I got it. Only daisy chained it a few times at 1-2 gigs to give me
some extra umph. 2 Channels, and built in Reverb.

I'm looking to trade for something like a 15-30 watt tube amp, or to sell.
Princeton: £230
Frontman: £60
Prices are firm, looking to sell seperately...but to trade together.

Safe, Will x
I considered, however I only recently got a new guitar. Plus, these are my only amps, so only looking for amp trades. Thanks.
Lol, you've attacked my threads! :O

I'm not interested in the acoustic, sorry....I've already got a high end acoustic which I'm very happy with.