So I made this eral ghetto halfstack if you wanna call it that. It's a Fender junior DGEC and an Ibanez Soundwave. I like the tone that it makes when i put a line out cable into the bass amp.

Will this mess up my bass amp by playing a guitar though it?

My gear is not worth mentioning.
it sounds more mellow if you play it through a bass amp. i like the sound.
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For some reason, Bass works on Line 6 Spiders. No Idea why though...
Btw, my Spider II was a birthday present, along with my Yamaha RG(insert#s)
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I always use my bass in guitar amps, Ijust don't crank them up loud. Normally, I'd run it through my PA, which has a 10" sub hooked up, and 7 4" speakers, and 2 12" Bookshelf Speakers(They are huge though, can't even fit in my bookshelf, which is huge and empty)
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vintage fender bassman combo is like the most epic case of guitar players who love bass amps. when you see one go for a high price its usually a guitar player with money who is looking for a specific sound/tone.
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how difficult is it to build your own guitar?
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I don't see any Building or Customization going on here.

This thread would be better served in GG&A, not GB&C.
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