Yeah, I was just wondering, can you use any distortion pedals with a bass, or do you need special pedals? I'm planning on buying a bass, and I want distortion, and I already have a boss metal distortion pedal for my other guitar and a classic wah pedal. Would these work for bass?
They work, but cut out your low end and there is next to no chance of being heard in a band situation, also, generally on bass, it is more common to use a fuzz or overdrive.
they would work but they wont sound any where near as good, the bass pedals specific for bass sound better as they are designed for the correct freq response
i love using guitar distortion pedals through bass, you can get that qotsa/ death from above tone, but they have bass distortions like bass big muff or boss bass distortion, you get more low end

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Thank you.
I guess I'll save up some more money to buy a bass distortion and wah pedal.
I already spent like, $300 on my pedals, which is why I didn't want to use a bass through the pedals in case of blowing them or something
I dont think it would blow them up (correct me if im wrong) but it would probably sound crappy.

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The wah wouldn't sound good, but the Boss "metal" distortion, wich is it? Because I know some people use them on bass, I've used... I think it was the Metal Zone (could have been core, I'm not sure) & depending on the settings, it sounded good, just give it a try & see what happens, you're a bass player, experiment!
well, bass is usually clean.

that said, what bassists do you wanna sound like?
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Bass usually likes less distortion then guitars, also most guitar distortions will affect your low end. These two things make bass distortions a better option for most people, although if you only have one guitar player to compete with, you can get away with more distortion, and if you have no guitar player, guitar distortions work great.

Also, with distortion on the bass, the guitars might need to use a little less.
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There is a fine line between bass distortion and bass FUZZ. There aren't that many distortion pedals for bass guitar because the low end signal operates better with a more fuzz oriented sound. You will lose low end using guitar distortion, but you can fix that by stacking the distortion will some sort of EQ pedal. I use a the Keeley Boss DS-1 Ultra/SEM for bass, when 1st I got it, compared to my original DS-1 the sustain was subtracted to a degree where it would clip my signal at times, but I got a great riffing tone. I sent it back to with instructions to mod it with a better signal for bass and to increase the sustain and now it works great.

I know nothing about pedal building, but I'm looking around for someone who could build me a bass distortion with an analog signal. It's my opinion that an analog signal would suit the bass better as digital signals have an unnatural, cold tone to them. I hear the Landmine LD-1 is analog and works great with bass.
What about an overdrive pedal, its not as harsh as eithier Fuzz or distortion and is my favourite. Eitheir a fulltone or an EBS one.
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