Hey, so I'm looking for a new fuzz pedal with a few specifics. I want one that has some transparency to it so I can keep some of the clarity and attack form my guitar/amp. Something I can go from a light blues fuzz to a Hendrix-ish tone. I like my USA Big Muff but I feel its too "heavy" sounding. Not sure if a blues driver would be best for me or something like a Fuzz Face.

Budget: $200 USD (can stretch though)

Genres: Blues, Rock (no metal really)

I need to keep my amp (Fender Blues Jr.) clean and I use my TS-9 for all my distortion.

Any other info just let me know.
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In my sig is a link to some pedals I build. they're great on a BJr and are made to do classic rock and blues.

Also Check out Faisal's germanium pedals.
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Double muff-great fuzz
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analogman sun face or a fulltone soul bender but those aren't made anymore
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I'd go with a fuzz face, beyond that, there are too many different variations to really help. I've got one of Bostonrocks' fuzzes and it's nice, you might like a germanium fuzz face, or different controls, it's hard to rec. a fuzz because it's really personal preference
+1 to the Analogman fuzz face. The other guitarist I play with in a worship band uses one, and it absolutely nails Jimi-style fuzz tone. In fact you can stretch it into a very Jack White-style tone.

That's what I would go with if I was after Jimi fuzz tone.
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Check out Devi Ever pedals. She builds a bunch of Fuzz
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