Hey guys. We're two musicians (guitar, drums) who are trying to write lyrics. Here it goes:

Uncle Jack

Pit one against the others, but kill them all
Pick them off the ground just to watch them fall
Nothing can harm you, you feel no pain
As you involve the world in your sick, dirty game

- Chorus -
You play for chaos, to make the world burn
F-ck logic, reverse the way it does turn
You do no harm, you just clean our lives
Sweeping with guns and dusting with knives
Hack away, Uncle Jack, hack away

You locate your target, track them down
Your evil grin ready to meet their final frown
People must miss those that you slaughter
You kill a man with a son or a daughter

- Chorus -

A shot in the dark, you're never found
Be as loud as you want without making a sound
Never clean your mess but you clean ours
Every death you cause unveils new scars

- Chorus -

Uncle Jaaaack (echo)
Uncle Jaaaack, hack awaaaay

You're a good dancer but you don't f-ck around
You get the job done, bring the blood down
That's you Uncle Jack, you playful old dog
Go home now Uncle, go back in the fog

We were thinking something Ozzy Osbourne-esque... Feedback greatly appreciated.
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This was alright for me. I can see very much how it could fit into the ozzy-type genre.

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