My band Dance! Las Vegas are offering anybody who wants one a free 'digital' EP. 2 tracks and the artwork. The tracks are on our Myspace and are called 'When In Rome Do What Romans Do' and 'I Don't Need You Anymore' from our EP 'When In Rome'. You can ofcourse listen to it for free at www.myspace.com/dancelasvegas and then decide wether or not you would like them sending. It is free afterall. Scrobble us for last.fm and help us get up their rankings too. Our debut single is also up called 'Heaven Lost An Angel' which is getting released further on in the year (around August/September time). Just leave your e-mail address in this thread or pm me. Either way I'd like some feedback on the tracks on our page anywho, particularly Heaven Lost An Angel, to keep the thread alive more than anything else.

With love


I would like one XD Wow you are damn good, I'm gonna add you on myspace and get a gig in wales so I can come XD

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