Hi guys,

I just got in from visiting some music shops and I am a bit puzzled maybe shocked would be a better term. I was at one place that had an absolutely mint used RWG LP copy it has flame maple top with a trans black finish, abalone binding top and bottom of the body, neck and headstock, ebony fret board with abalone box inlays and all gold hardware. I never played or even seen a RWG in person so i had to check it out. I couldn't put it down! I played it for a long time then finally tried several other guitar from the top of the line to some of the lower quality guitars before I left I picked up the RWG again and played it for at least another half hour. I can't believe how great it was even compared to several of the other guitars I tried that were ten times the cost. I have no clue what pups it has but they had a sweet tone like they were Gibson Classic 57s but the salesman/owner at the shop said they were stock but it is a used guitar and without opening it up I can't tell.

Does anyone else have a RWG is yours that good or did I hit the lottery with this one? I asked him to hold on to it until I can get back there on Sat I am seriously thinking about buying it.

I checked out there web site and the guitars look good but I just would expect this type of quality and sound from a guitar I never really heard of.
They have G+B pickups, Wilkinson tuners, etc. Plus, I heard that their LFR is very good after a setup. I have heard nothing but good things about them. I'm planning on picking one up for my next guitar.
Plus, they are the sexiest guitars ever.
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I want one of their LP´s with quilted maple in that acid green colour that only they have. It´s too late for me to steal one from mamosa.
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I want one of their LP´s with quilted maple in that acid green colour that only they have.

I love that one too I saw it on their web site.

Sorry, No pics I haven't bought it yet and I didn't have a camera with me.

This was my first experience with the guitar and I have to say I was very impressed to say the least. The shop is about 50 miles from my house but i am in the area up there once a week if i don't buy it I will see if they will allow me to snap a pic or two. Some shops are funny though and look down on it.