Looking for some advice, recommendations, and general info regarding pedal setups. I just recently purchased a TS9 tube screamer and a MXR KFK 10-band EQ pedal. I would like to know how to tie these in to my current setup which includes a Randall RG50TC, the footswitch, and a Boss ML-2 distortion pedal.

I haven't really used the ML-2 since I got the Randall. I'm not familiar with which pedal to put first, how to bypass one pedal over another, etc..

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best thing to do is to just experiment and see what you like best. whatever od/distortion pedal you have last, that is the one that will affect the end sound the most when they are both on. i would definately put the eq last. if you put the ts9 after the ml2 it would tighten up the distortion a bit.

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I'd just not use the ML-2...not a good pedal at all IMO, especially since you have a good amp.

Guitar>TS-9>Amp, and then the EQ in the effects loop if your amp has one. If not, then just put it after the TS-9.