I'm trying to expand my portfolio of website designs and so I'm trying to think of something that bands could benefit from.

I was thinking some sort of promotion thing where bands could have profiles and update with new songs and where they're playing etc. although I suppose that's essentially just MySpace/Ultimate Guitar.

So yeah, if anyone has an amazing idea for a band related website but lacks the means to create one, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Thanks in advance!

Oh...and I'm not sure if the band promotion forum is the right place for this, but I wasn't sure what kind of replies I'd get in the pit!
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I tried doing this about a year ago, by means of a forum aimed at gathering all the musicians in my area. It didn't really work out.
Something of a bigger scale would be cool but it wouldn't be easy, you would need someplace to host the site, and because you would need to bring in a LOT of users to make it worthwhile, you probably wouldn't be able to manage with a free hosting service. Also, you would need advertising, to bring in those users. Both of these(host+adv) cost money, and all of this would cost you time. After a while you could probably be able to get some money out of it with ads on the site, if you had enough traffic.
I think there IS something like this in the US, but it doesn't do me any good since I'm not in the US.
You could try making a local forum/site if it's just practice you're looking for.
Well I have hosting with a load of bandwidth and I think if a site is new and unique enough not much advertising would be needed as just a few recommendations on forums would generate enough of a hype.

I just need that golden idea so I can start! So hard to think of one though, lol.
ursession.com is a decent site that you can kinda customize for bands. i know alot of band websites with lack of creativity though =/ like stereofame.com, ilike.com, garageband.com, etc
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