So I was trying to record my self playing Back In Black by AC/DC, but it was always a little off time b/c I can't press play and record at the same time. Any suggestions???
Have a metronome put on silent or something?
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add a few seconds of silence to the start of the backing track to give yourself a chance to prepare to play.
Get a backing track with a count in at the beginning. If that's not possible... Dosen't the riff in the begining of back in black repeat? if it does, miss it the first time around, then paste it in. it's not ideal, but if done well, it ought to work.

EDIT - better idea!

miss the power chords, and then start playing at the little pentatonic lick.
then you can paste the powerchords in nicely at the beginning. that would work well because of the pause between the A5 chord and the next lick. that's probably not explained very well, but if you don't get it. feel free to upload the BT and your guitar track, and i'll try to edit it in for you, if you want.
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Any backing track worth its salt should have a count-in and some kind of count going, a foot hi-hat usually works well, to keep time whenever the drums aren't playing. Otherwise it really isn't a backing track.