Cool intro. Nothing really original but it works.
Liking the lead melody at 25.
I assume 43-44 will be covered by vocals. If not, I dont like it. It's akward.
75 was cool with the lead going an octave up.
I'm not really sure what the point was of taking the bass out at 91.
By 145 the melody is getting a bit tiresome. It needs more variation.
Why cut out the bass for the ending? It just sounds so empty.

Cool song, but try not to copy/paste so much.

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i liked the intro, the riff itself was generic. but the 3/4 timing was a nice change to what i normally hear in this genre. the drums were really good aswell. although, add some intensity by using 49 instead of 46 or something.

i presume the next part is a verse? it's decent. it would work alot better with vocals.

41 and 42 were good, cut out the rest though. and have like, a straight sixteenth note drum fill across the toms, snare and kick in bar 42. that'd sound awesome.

intro riff (or chorus? i guess) and verse again, nothing out of the ordinary there.

the breakdown was good, i have no idea why you cut the bass out though. anyway, it really reminded me of AILD, which i suppose for the genre, is good. it's a little on the generic sid though.

verse again. i liked the part after that with that main riff and the fast drums, that was cool. although, i think it'd be more awesome with a huge drum fill (3 or 4 bars?) in straight 16ths to take it to the end (drums are my second instrument, so if you want me to tab my ideas, just say and i'll chuck up a GP file). i can hear it as a real recording in my head and it sounds great.

overall, decent. nothing i've not heard before in this genre - but it wasn't a bad song as such. well done. 9/10

C4C? If you wouldn't mind, just do one of these, I don't mind which;
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What do you mean by nothing original?? Show me a riff alike it.
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if that last bit was directed at me;

in ''metalcore'' there are alot of riffs that like, have like, riffs that involve this kind of thing

it's not a bad thing, it's just alot of songs in this genre have that kind of riff and alot of people see it as bland and uncreative. which in some cases is true, but like i said in this, the 3/4 timing is something that you don't get alot of in this genre, and it makes it alot more interesting.

a couple of songs with that kind of riff;
romance is dead - parkway drive
say goodbye - i killed the prom queen
unholy confessions - avenged sevenfold
where's the money, lebowski? - fightstar
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
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