But it's an ogd now...

I got a guitar, so here's the pronz.

This is a nashville tele that's been modded a bit. The pups have been swapped to fender '52 RI's, bridge is from a Baja Tele, 9.5" radius rosewood board, standard tele switching/controls. It came with all the stock gear too, so I'm going to plop the mid strat pup back in (tex mex), wire it standard 5-way, and add a push/pull to turn on/off the bridge so I can get all the tele and strat tones. Also put the tortoise-shell guard back on, maybe try to find a black one.

I think the tele's actually heavier than the prs singlecut se I traded for it (I know, stupid trade, how can I play teh brootalz on a tele with '52 RI pups ). Neck is definitely 'chunkier' but it has a smaller radius, and I really like it. Sounds pretty nice, definitely help balance out my ampeg's darkness.
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Nice guitar, but WTF happened to the case?!

Don't know, it was used, I don't mind. It's real nice on the inside. I picked up a used case and sent it to him with guitar polish stains on it, so it's all good
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sexy guitar and amp


Thanks! I'm so happy I made the trade
Beautiful guitar, not really a fan of telecasters myself but i looooooooooves me some white guitars
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Thanks guys, I didn't think I'd like teles either, until I tried a bunch of them out. got a black pickguard on the way as well, which should be nice.

Pin-up girl (somewhere unobtrusive, like headstock)?

the case is an skb freedom case, it seems really nice, fits the guitar like a glove
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Beautiful guitar!
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im envious of you right now
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