So I've been looking for a new guitar and was thinking Ibanez, but when I went to a local shop today I played this gorgeous ESP LTD MH-1000 with Seymour Duncan pickups. I played it through a Fender amp, which is what I have, and it sounded great. It felt great. It's $400. On the one hand I feel like I need to go to Guitar Center and try out some more guitars, but am I gonna be able to get anything better for $400? Is that a really good deal for this guitar? Should I go for it? thoughts?
AMAZING DEAL! Do it immediately. It's definitely possible to find something better for that much, but a teeny tiny chance. Like 1 in 1,000,000,000,073.
no, thats an amazing deal, definitely go for.
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buy it. sell it get profit.

or buy it, play it be happy.

no wrong choice lol
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yeah dude those guitars go for like 1000usd
my local shop has one for 675 =0 (im going to try to trade my hellraiser for it)
but 400 bucks blows everything else out of the water! get it...its a wonderful instrument
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thats for you TS/n00b

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No, just disregard all the posts in this thread that say that the tone is noticeably worse when it's dying...

i should have read the thread
sounds to good to be true either its not an mh-1000 or theres somethig wrong with it, BUT if it is genuine than hell of a deal you cant go wrong!!
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dude that is not fair at all. If you dont get it, i will be pissed.
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sounds to good to be true either its not an mh-1000 or theres somethig wrong with it, BUT if it is genuine than hell of a deal you cant go wrong!!

Haha I played it; the thing is quality

I think I'm gonna go back tomorrow, play it again to be sure, and then call my dad and be like lol early birthday present plzkthx

thanks for the advice, glad to know I'm not crazy for wanting to get it right away
Get it fast while it still there... 400 buck is a absolute STEAL for that guitar. If there aren't any serious flaws with it...

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I went there as soon as the place opened today and put the guitar on hold. I'm a little concerned about some of the buzzing, but I figure raising the action and using slightly thinner strings will fix that, and they do all that for free for 90 days.

Hopefully I will get the money later today...