currently i have a line 6 spider 3,and looking to upgrade! i play mainly hardcore like terror/hatebreed but also some hardcore punk such as pennywise and then mainly more metal stuff. Im looking for an amp mainly to be used in my bedroo, soo nothing too big. Looking at spenidn no more than £600. I like the look of the krank revo jr though, any others i should take a look at? cheers
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try a mesa boogie or a jackson van halen amp


VH uses a FENDER 5150 III

He means check out the Peavey 5150/6505
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try a mesa boogie or a jackson van halen amp

1)A Mesa is expensive in the UK
2)Jackson makes amps!?!?!?!?!

do you gig?
can you go used?
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the krank's probably worth a try, based on the other kranks i've tried (i haven't tried the junior)- though bear in mind that 18/20 watts will still be ridiculously loud in a bedroom environment if you want to crank it up (even 5 watts would be).

what do you mean by "mainly bedroom"? do you have an occasional gig lined up, or is it just in case you ever get gigs? I don't want to suggest anything else until I know what your answer is to this, because most of the amps I'm thinking of either would be 100% for bedroom, or would be better for gigs.
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