Hello everyone I'm new here and it loooks like this will be a fun and informative site to be a member of!
So on to my question.
Tony Iommi is in my opinion the greatest metal player of all time.
I play a Epiphone G-400 SG. Will a 15 watt Peavy Vyper get me the Black Sabbath tone I want to achieve?
I am borrowing a friends Fender Frontman right now and my amp budget is only going to be $125 including taxes.
I will only be playing at home so 15 watts is all I will need.
Thanks for any advise you can give.
well, i wouldnt say iommi is the best metal player of all time, just the best metal player of sabbaths era.

and the vypyr will get you virtually any tone you need, but id recommend a Vox VT15 instead, geenrally because i think the distortion and amplifier models are much better.

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I really don't know why people consider Zeppelin and Sabbath metal, even by classic metal standards, ESPECIALLY since the former has declared time and again that they don't fill that genre.

In that price range, the Vypyr should do fine. You might want to look into getting a used PodXT Live though and playing through headphones. Those things are great.
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Wow! That was fast! Anyone got amp settings for the Vyper amp to get the Black Sabbath tone?