So while I was at the lumber yard looking for some wood for my current build, I ended up scoping the African Mahogany, Purple Heart, Blood Wood, Bubinga, Wenge, and some of the other exotic woods to try to get my ideas jogging for my next twin Explorers and the RR after that. Well, a giant board of African Mahogany really caught my eye.

Their stock is normally 10' or 12' and change long and 5"-10" wide, but a board or two in the rack was SUPER wide. I didn't have a tape measure with me to measure its width, but I guessed it to be 16-18" wide... plenty wide enough to make even a big guitar like and Explorer in one piece.

After seeing it I thought of you guys and thought that there might be someone that would be interested in such a piece of lumber, and if there was a couple here I might just buy the board, keep a blank or two for myself, and sell the others on here or eBay. I get a pretty good discount at this place, so it should be very reasonably priced. They will would let me take just a chunk off if I wanted, but they only cut on the foot so it would suck to buy a 2' long piece for a blank that only needs to be 19.5" or so when I could get 6 blanks out of it for people that want it.

So is there anyone interested in a big slab of Mahogany? I will go to the lumber yard tomorrow and get measurements for sure, but it would be planed to 1.75" thick, most likely be 16"+ wide, and around 20" long, though I can probably be a little flexible on length if there is an extra 8" hanging on the end like there normally is. Let me know, if no one wants it then I'd just buy some 8" wide stuff and make my personal blanks 2 piece.
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Yes, I am in the US, Minnesota to be exact. Sorry man...
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I want it, but can't afford it
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How much, man? PM if you'd like.

And did I read correctly - all you have is one giant piece of Mahogany? Not a giant piece of any of the other woods you listed as well?
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hey how much would i be lookin at? I'd like to start a build soon and...well... wood would help, lol.

PM me if you want.
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How much would we be talking? For an explored sized piece?

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I have to get up in the morning at ****ing 8 am to turn in my roommate's homework, so when I get back I will go to the lumber yard with a tape measure and I will check to make sure on bd/ft price. I can get back to you tomorrow with a legit price.

I don't actually have the African Mahogany yet, though if enough people want to buy the remainder I wouldn't mind buying the whole board, then cutting and distributing the rest. I was just looking at the other lumber for the hell of it, and to try to get some good ideas for the RR V because that will be my "work of art" guitar.

I will post up tomorrow with the cost per blank, and I will PM those that have requested so and those that do between now and then. If enough people want then I'll buy it soon and get in touch with pictures. I'll keep ya posted.
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