My previous trade fell through as the person I was trading with decided to tell me after I cut out my pickups and drilled holes in my guitar, that he was no longer interested in trading.

I have a 1 year old, near mint, 100% working set of EMG pickups. I no longer need the scoop provided by these pickups, and I am looking to trade for a passive set of humbuckers.

I'd consider any pair of passive humbucking pickups that have a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position, it can be pretty much any passive neck pickup, although I'd prefer a Jazz if possible, and my ultra dream neck pickup would be a tony iommi, but that is probably not possible.

The leads from the pickups are almost 12" long so I don't think there will be any problem putting the wires through pretty much any guitar. Included in the trade are 2 push pull 25k pots and 1 25k tone knob pot (with a cap on it already) aswell as 12" long "EMG red wires" (that come from the battery and power the preamp) and a stereo output jack.

Rules of the game:

Trade one set of pickups for another, both ship on the same day and provide tracking numbers. No cash is involved (as I can't afford anything lol) and pickups are sent with hardware (or not but just tell me please)

Please commit to the deal, I am willing to go through with this trade if you are.

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