I made the switch from MIM Strats and Blues Jr.
To Epi Les Paul, Blackstar 5w, and Vox 4w amps.

The sound I am getting is what I always wanted.
Just playing a ton, haven't tried any of my pedals.

Which of my pedals will be good with the new
gear and which ones will I be getting rid of?

TS-9 OCD DS-1 Crunchbox Rat2 BigfMuff.

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Keep either the TS9 or OCD, your preference, and sell the rest..... Tube distortion is all you need.

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the ts9 and ocd are fine to keep. You might want to get a noise reducer/suppressor , but thats just me.
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I'd personally keep the Rat, the Fulltone and possibly the TS9. I don't quite see the point if you have the both a fuzz and an OD pedal already, but it could be worth experimenting with.

Any of those pedals will work fine with the Blackstar and the Vox. Probably better with the Vox, although I haven't tried that particular model yet.

As mentioned, having all that noise, a supressor or an EQ might be in order. Otherwise, get a Carl Martin Red Repeat or a Voodoo Lab Tremolo.
Keep all the pedals. You never know if youll want a different tone for a different song or something. If anything, keep the Muff and the OCD
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Quote by IsThereLoveInSp
Keep all the pedals. You never know if youll want a different tone for a different song or something.

agreed wholeheartedly. Unless you're desperate for the money, you're unlikely to make much back on any of those pedals, bar the boutique ones (which are probably the ones you'll be most likely to want to hang onto ). Distortion and fuzz pedals work fine with tube amps, too, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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Thanks for the ideas.

I did like the TS-9 and OCD with the old gear.
I hadn't really played the rat or muff much.
Too many pedals I guess.