Ok I just acquired this guitar from a friend, and Im trying to find out more about it. Its an epiphone, with a strat style body, 5 way selector, 2 tone nobs, and 1 volume. Its got a Hockey stick headstock, that says epliphone on it, and the truss rod cover says Gibson. bolt on neck, with a plate that reads " Hand-crafted in Korea by epiphone. The epiphone company, Nashville Tennessee USA I5071122", 22 frets. Some type of tremelo system is present, i can see it though the back plate, but no tremelo on the front, TI think there is a hole for one though. Any information on model or year or anything you know about it would be appreciated. I will try and get pics later.
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Please, learn to spell.
Once finished, post pics.
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ok fine I know I cant spell, But im working on pictures, I just gotta find a camera.

There I had someone fix it.
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This kind of post makes me feel good about myself as speller/typist.