Hi Im looking to get a new acoustic guitar. Im looking for something between €200-300. something that has a nice warm crisp sound. Any suggestions? Im not fussy on makes or models every thing is considered! cheers guys
another vote for the s6, or if you like a louder brighter sound how about the yamaha fg730s?
Thanks for the input guys, I like the look of that s6 guitar,just one more question. I like the look of the epiphone hummingbird,which of the two guitars would you guys think is better? Im looking for something that is just easy to play from the box and with a nice warm tone. cheers,Ian
definitely s6... i personally tried them both, hummingbird has this cheap feeling and it sounds tinny. on the other hand, the solid built s6 , you can feel the diffrence when its in your hand,

if you get the hummingbird, maybe in 10 years, when you get really into it , you'll have to replace it, on the other hand, the s6 will last you lifetime, then you can pass it down on to your son and your grandson :p
You need to judge them on your own merit though. Use our tips as a guideline of what you should try, not what you should buy.
Yup, S6 comes highly recommended, but the actual buying part is up to the buyer.