hey everyone
i got a BC Rich platinum series guitar a couple of monts ago, but its not really what i wanted i only got it cause i got a really good deal on it, anyway i vogtten used to it and kinda like it now but would like to make some improvments on it, i have talked to my guitar teacher and im gonna put a floyd rose bridge on it and he said i could put some diffrent pickups on it so can anyone please give me some suggestions on some good pickkups for likr rock/metal that arnt too expensive
Thanks ^_^
What kind of amp?
And what kind of rock/metal are we talking?
Indie? Prog? Death metal? Classic rock?
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What is wrong with the pick ups now that you want to change. Also, what is the exacty model guitar that you have. Along with what amp you have.
it is a BC rich warlock platinum series
i have a crap amp atm but getting a VOX amp soon dun know what kind tho sorry
umm well i play alot of diffrent types of rock and metal like i play some old stuff like ozzy ozbourne some guns n roses and and also some stuf like bullet for my valentine system of a down slipknot and also would EMGs be good?
What don't you like about the tone right now though? Also, find out what VOX your getting. And what floyd are you planning on putting on the guitar?
well there pretty cool my pickups but my teacher said that i should get a really good pair of pickups when i change the bridge and it will sound kick ass and im just wanting to get some sugestions ^^
Screw your teacher. You should play how and what you love. If you like it, it's your guitar to do what you want with.
ok well thanks guys for your help ^^ ill think about wether to change the pickups or not...if i do could you play like guns n roses and stuff like that with EMGs?
I'd say if you will get EMGs, get 85/60 (very underrated combo IMO). But if you're buying new, they're a lot. And with the money you're spending on an OFR and new pups (which in total-- including the OFR-- will total somewhere around $400) you could save up for a new one. Or sell your current one and use all the money to buy a used one with everything you need.