For about, 4 years now, I've have every pedal you could imagine on my floor. I was tired of it, so to trim down the clutter of having all of these around me I bought a Boss ME-20, I liked how I could chose my distortion, modulators, and a few delays.

My band "Sword and Mind" have wanted to do a cover of Dream Theater's, "Constant Motion." We are all plenty experienced, and are able to play it with time.

I have been messing with the settings and just cannot get a tone that is quite like Petrucci's. I have been trying for the past few weeks and I can't get it. I tried the "Ultimate Settings" thread but those are for amps. I have a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100W Head and a Mesa Boogie 240W 4 X 12 Cab. I would use the amp settings on there but I have those set to my band's sound. I have the clean channel set to a Dream Theater sound now I just need the distortion.

TL;DR - I need John Petrucci's distortion sound on a Boss ME-20.







Please help with this. Thanks