Ok, so i play guitar in a band with a group of local guys, we jump between several subgenres but mostly stay in the rock/metal area

i play rhythm but lead is well within my range of playing skills
we have been together for probably about a month or so and have come up with 3 songs

and all was going well
until the other day the lead guitarist pressured me to compose a song entirely by myself

i have never had to do that, i have always had something to fall back on
because of my inexperience and our constant changing of genres didnt know where to begin

i put my guitar in drop c, the tuning we most commonly use, and started playing something heavily palm muted(staccatto, spelling?)

i quickly learned that i had no idea how to formulate what i heard in my head into my guitar, i have trouble knowing where to begin and where to take it once i start

any advice? besides the tolken answer of learn scales
its something i would really appreciate
The only stuff I appreciate from myself comes from when Im away from my guitar and conjure a melody rather then wasting away at the instrument, where physical methods or patterns are put into play. If that makes any sense.
I have a three word answer for you, despite this being in the wrong forum, that will solve all of your problems...

Learn. Music. Theory.
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