I've heard that these things are good guitars, and I'm considering buying one for $200. The seller says it's made in Japan. Go or no go?
I have an Aria acoustic and while the action is a but high, it sound's great.
But I didn't buy it, it was inherited. For 200 bucks though I say go for it.
I think I may accidentally buy this thing, I dig the vintage early 80s vibe, and I've always wanted a guitar with a locking trem. Even though I'm supposed to be saving for a JCM800. XD
Quote by CaptDin
I think I may accidentally buy this thing,

I'm scatter brained but dang.
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Yeah, I think I'm gonna buy this thing, since it's only $180, and that's not exactly gonna make a world of distance in my getting a Marshall JCM800 with the cab.