So, I'm writing a glam song but I want to able to solo over it live. This is the rhythm backing riff.


Anyone tell me what key it's in, and a scale that I could solo over it with. I've used a beta of an engine to tell me scales, and it's given me a lot of results.


So... yeah. Any takers?

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I often find it a good idea to write in a key.
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A major if I'm not mistaken, so i think A pentatonic and minor work for soloing

scratch that, I'm not too great with writing, i just posted to try to give you a response meant to help with the immediate problem.
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G# major pentatonic
G# major scale

Try first the chord rather than the power chord so you can define if its major, minor o diminished. I asume that the three chords will sound mayorish played together so it will be in G# major.
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it's G#, but neither major or minor, so you'll need to decide what feel you want, or you can look at the rest of the song for clues.

anyways, if it's major, it'll be happier sounding and you can use the G# major scale
if it's minor, it'll be more melancholy and you can use G# minor or G# minor pentatonic (blues) scales

also, while your scale engine maybe right with it's matches, most of them would take alot of skill to write over those chords with, and there's certainly alot to weed through if you aren't sure what you're looking for in the first place.
It's all power chords so you have lots of options. Depends on what kind of sound you want. Eb or Ab would be a good place to base them around though. If it's glam you'll probalbly want to do major, or a dominant scale.
E minor pentatonic or E minor, idk u have tons of other options besides that
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