Looking for an amp/pedal combo to deliver warm tube cleans, a raunchy, high gain blues type lead tone, (ala Gary Moore), and a heavy, thick, modern Joe Satriani sound. Asking to much??
Marshall 2550.
Marshall JCM 800 maybe?

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mesa stilletto?
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Chea_man is the best.
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All would be good choices IMO.
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Budget, lets say1500$$ MAX. 212 cab and head. JSX?

Oh hell yeah.

Marshall JCM-800 (2204 for better cleans 2205 for two channels and tighter high end gain.

Cab: Avatar G212 Vintage Custom Cabinet

Should run you around 1400USD-1600USD at most
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Mesa Boogie Lonestar?
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WOW- just did a little Youtube research on the JCM 800 2205- liking it. Cab suggestions? Speakers?
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