This song is not meant to be offensive to Christians in anyway, this song is intended to sound like Cradle Of Filth, Vocals sounding similar to Dani, guitar similar to Mark Morton From Lamb Of God, and then the bass, drums, and keyboard just sound like the rest of COF.

Nearer is the fear that is closing on you,
Nearer is the fear so what do you do!

He does not torture people, he lies to his brethren,
He is the father the Saint of Sin! Satan!


You can burn in hell with your dead god Christ,
He lays upon the nails thy which pierced him thrice!

7 deadly sins committed by the holy men,
Preaching to the choir they all join in!

Your brain is a tainted place where you have been taught wrong,
Lucifer is the god, not what you’ve thought all along!


(Mean riff)

Preach to the choir is all you Christians do!
Jesus is a fake but SATAN-----IS-----INSIDE-------OF--------------YOUUUUUU!!!!

Nearer is the fear, growing as we speak,
Nearer is the fear, it has found what it seeks
RIP Terje (Valfar) Bakken
The fact that you say this song is not meant to offend Christians in anyway and proceed to write a song that is meant to destroy all that they stand for is contradictory, and ultimately, makes the song have absolutely no meaning.

In simpler words, don't say you don't want to offend someone if you're writing a song meant to shock. It makes you come across as a pussy afraid of others disliking a song which they will dislike no matter how you disguise it. Any Christian in their right or wrong mind would be offended by this song.