Hey Guys, I got a new song up in my profile. Its called In the Trenches. It's an original song by my band Blaze From Ashes. Check it out and let me know what you think. It can be heard Right Here Oh, and i know, the vocals could be way better. lol

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Hehe, not really my piece of pie with the style. Overal it doesnt sound bad tho, maybe a little less distortion on your guitar, this way it sounds really thin, it needs some body
i agree with iMaiden. Some good riffs and the solo wasn't bad! I think alot of people on UG find a lack of tone in recording a common problem, so i'm showing you this site that gave me a few pointers.


check out his site and the video is awesome... opened my eyes to a lot recording techniques that made my clips sound HEAPS better.
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cool man. not bad. im not a fan of the screaming type music/metal, but this was allright. i couldent hear what he was screaming though. honestly i dident realy care for it. good guitar playing, but it just dident do it for me. i bet this would sound good live though. keep it up.

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Aside from the.. vocals, the song reminded me of Wolfmother, which I assume is not what you are going for. So, I'm not sure if this is a complement, but...yeah. Distortion could be less fuzzy as well.