Blackstar HT Series HT-5H and HT-110 Guitar Mini Half Stack. Ive been looking around for good tube amps for a good time now. Ive tried blues jr.'s which was my first choice and really didnt like how it wasnt very versatile. So i was wondering does this amp have good versatility? Does it sound good at low levels as well as cranked? And if mic'd is it gig worthy sound quality?

It's a very versatile amp imo. It does sound good at lower volume but doesn't have the "fullness" of the bjr cleans. I suppose you could mic it for a gig, but it's really intended to be a practice amp. I have one and think it's a good amp for the price. It has more features than the other 5 watt tube amps available in the price range.
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Alright im going to tryit out. But im still keeping my mind open for other amps around.
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Roland cube 60 (the only solid state amp i love)
What genres do you play?
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