Hello all.

- 3D Model -

A while back I posted a topic here asking for some pictures of the ESP Kirk Hammett signature guitar as I was going to make a 3D model of a guitar based on that one. And I also promised I would post a pic of that guitar for amusement/entertainment/whatever.

This was that old topic:

And here's a pic of my finished 3D model:
My Dream (?) Guitar

Fun fact: I sent the pic and a custom order form to ESP to get it quoted. Was going to cost ~$8000 to build (that's AU dollars) and I don't have that kind of money. Not now anyway... maybe sometime in the future.

- Jackson Guitars -

I currently own 2 electric guitars and I'm looking to get a 3rd so I can leave one in standard, 1 in Drop D and 1 in Drop C (and maybe tune to Drop C# or Drop B occasionally or whatever). Anyway I'd really like to get a locking tremolo for the one I decide to leave in standard tuning. I was in a guitar shop today (Allan's Music, for anyone living around Melbourne) and they had 2 Jackson guitars that caught my eye.

I'm pretty sure they were these 2:
JS30DK Dinky
DXMG Dinky
(Both of them were black)

They both look pretty cool to me (and they're similar price, both about $1000, again AU) but I'm just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions on them.

The electrics I have at the moment are an Electa 102 (a Les Paul ripoff) which is in Drop C at the moment but I'll probably leave in Drop D. And an Ibanez SA32EX which is in standard but I'll probably re string and put in Drop C if I do get a new guitar.

So yeah, sorry for the wall of text. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

Thanks, Pete.
I am in the process of modeling my own guitar using Solidworks. What program did you use to model your guitar?
Just so you know, ESP gives awful quotes for their guitars. I got one for like 12,000 USD. It was really like 7,000. Check with an ESP dealer to see how much the custom would really cost.
Yeah ESP do overquote sometimes and if you were to get either i would look closer to the DXMG as that is a direct replacement with an OFR from what i've read.
Quote by necroscience13
what you could do is tune up the guitar in drop d to standard, then buy a drop d tuna, so you could keep it in standard and drop d. but something tells me you want a new guitar

eh d-tuna only really work when you set them to dive only range don't they? so not really useful if you wanted to go both ways unfortunately.
I used 3D Studio Max to do that guitar model.

And I got the quote through an ESP dealer in Melbourne since they don't do custom orders direct for anyone outside Canada or the US. I was just emailing this guy from this Melbourne dealer and as far as I know he just would have gotten a quote from someone from ESP I guess.

Yes I want another guitar. I always want more guitars. I'm not great but in my happy dream world I'd own heaps of guitars in all different tunings (I'm far too lazy to retune).

To be honest I think I like the JS30DK a little more but the DXMG has 24 frets (not that I'd really need them). I don't really like shark tooth inlays, but that's just an aesthetic thing. I think it'll probably come down to how they sound. I wasn't at the shop for long today so I didn't get a chance to plug them in. I was hoping someone would know. xD

JS30DK has Jackson pickups and the DXMG has EMGs I think. Either of them better than the either?
Well that's kind of a downer.

I'm going back tomorrow morning, it's the only chance I have to go before the sale ends. Allans has some big sale on until Sunday and I'm working both afternoons. So yeah, I'll try and play them both quickly tomorrow morning and decide then whether I want to buy either one.

I'll try and check back here before I leave tomorrow so any further thoughts and comments are much appreciated.

Thanks all.