how is this amp. i have heard nothing but good stuff about this amp.

is it good for Iron maiden and thrash metal?
Someone here has one. I think it was gregs or Matrixclaw or somebody. I would imagine that it would be great for classic and thrash metal since it's pretty similar to JCM800s/900s as far as I know.


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whats the difference between the MArshall 6100 30th anniversary, and the Marshall 6100LM?
They came out with multiple editions of this amp, from a standard production model to a full out handwired model.
does one sound better than the other, also i heard the 6100LM has a lead mod on it?
There are 3 versions of the 6100, I believe the LM is the 6L6 (5881) version. I have the El-34 version and there is also a handwired model.

Mine sounds awesome. The best Marshall I've used/owned. Anything from JTM45 cleans all the way up to ballsy modern metal.
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