Hey guys. This is my first post on the UG forums and id like to ask you a question. Where can i find glowing fret pegs or something to make my guitar glow?
Im looking for something similar to what Peter Steele of Type O Negative has on his bass fretboard. When its dark his pickups, frets glow along with the covers to some of his ajustmnt knobs. I've been searching google and every guitar wokshop site for almost a year or 2 and i havent found Anything at all. A friend i know that attends a lot of Type-O concerts says that an after concert auction was selling glowing bass fret pegs. I've even searched Ebay but i've been able to find nothing. If anyone can help with this please do. thanks and have a great day.
I can't help you with the glowing frets but, Happy first post!
Thanks guys, I was thinking about painting it a while ago. Is it safe to put any paint on the frets? wont that mess up the sound?