Hey guys, so first things first. Tonight after my gig I realized that my HW1 strat is just lacking something. I think playing my partscaster with Fralin Vintage Hots for so long has upped my standards so to speak, so I'm looking to upgrade the pickups in my HW1. I play anything from blues to classic rock, hard rock, and even metal on occasion. Since the HW1 is already HSS, I'd like to keep it that way, I already have one SSS strat. I'd be willing to even go HSH if convinced thoroughly though.

My amp is a Peavey Classic 30, and as you can see I have an EHX Metal Muff with Top Boost. I guess I'm not really sure what I want at this point, just thoughts on good HSS pickup combinations. I saw a guy's Warmoth strat in the Electric Guitar forum just a while ago that had Dimarzio Area pickups in the Neck and Middle, and a Pearly Gates in the bridge, which seemed interesting.

TL;DR...my HW1 strat is lacking in the pickup department, recommend me a good HSS setup of pickups, or give me your thoughts on pickups you've played.
I put a Duncan Custom Custom (TB11) in my HSS and I love it. Not sure how it would work for blues (13.7k I think) but you can use the neck for that. I love Duncan's customer service too. They'll do an advanced replacement for something else if you ended up not liking it.

CorduroyEW is a well respected UGr (and luthier) that hand winds custom pups and provides a discount to UGrs. Tell him what you want and he'll make it for you saving you some cash.

good luck
Are there pickups that don't fit in a strat slot though? I also have an HSS strat(sig) and have been thinking of possibly upgrading my pickup sometime. Something that would have coil tap. I mainly use my bridge position as the humbucker and only for the band I'm in that plays Foo Fighters-esque modern rock. I'm thinking of Dimarzio Evo 2's or D'Activators. any suggestions for me as well?

Sorry to threadjack, haha
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