Hey guys. I'm savin up for a decent Marshall halfstack. I'm looking for something with slashs tone or better. Right now I'm just worrying about a great marshall under 800 dollars. Any advice?
I recommend the MG.

Not really.

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Will You Buy Used (You're going to have to)
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Do you have a cab

Slash used a 60's Marshall 1959 for Appetite, but it was modded by a tech. The head will run between 1700-2500USD, so that's not what you're looking for.
He toured with a 1987 Jubilee (which is essentially a JCM-800 2210 which can be bought for as low as USD500 if you're lucky), but the Jubilee is significantly more expensive then a JCM, so that too, is out of the question.
For Velvet's first album, he used a VoxAC30 and some Fenders, so that's another viable route for considering, although he reverted back to Marshall's with the Vintage Modern 2466 (the 100W) for his second Velvet album.

VM's are pretty expensive as well, but might be doable at your budget.

Cabs are a whole other story. You can go cheap (buy used at like 150USD) or you can just buy the amp and save back up for a cab (1960A/B perhaps) for later.
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