Does anyone know the name of the musician (not very well known) who decided to kill himself after some really bad luck?
He had hoped to gain attention through his death, but unfortunately he killed himself on the same day John Lennon was shot.

I've never remembered this guy's name, but in light of recent events I'm starting to liken him to Farrah Fawcett.
john f kennedy

but really i've never heard that before.

EDIT: also, dime.
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darby crash?
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I'm hearing a lot about something like, Farrah Fawcett wanted this to happen. Someone care to clear it up?
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yeah, darby crash. from The Germs
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the ladies love when i gyrate my ass in front of a graveyard
um, if you're talking about darby crash, he didn't kill himself because of bad luck. he just decided he was going to die before a certain age, and went through with it.
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