Hey guys, just after a little bit of feedback. Probably comes across more as poetry, but oh well.

This life,
These days,
Endless times of chaos.
Running through our lives,
Time, though deceiving, ticks.
Waiting for no one, as we run away.

The times we know,
Must peak, must end, we must decide.
The effort of our lives.
Waiting on something fun, something new.
Years are too few,
For the time we have is a limited gift.

We don’t know when,
But there will be an end,
An end to what we know,
To what we hold most dear.
The finish is near.
Enjoy what’s left of your year,
For it may be your last.

Today, for many, is the beginning,
And for many the end.
The differences between are small.
For the beginning is a mind set,
An attitude.
And the end,
The end is merely the beginning,
Of something fun, something new.

Cheers, Dave.