does anyone else feel bad rejecting a tab that says "first tab?" i mean i know it needs to be done sometimes to keep the archives from getting cluttered, but i feel bad doing it. unless the tab just really sucks, then i dont want to discourage the user from posting more. anyone know what im sayin?
really, there has to be some rejection to maintain the quality of this site. if you just let any tab through cause you feel bad you'll end up with a thousand bad tabs to sift through to find a good one.
at best i think maybe a "first tabs" section be introduced to house and avoid discouraging first time tabbers submissions, where UG members could critic and help educate new tabbers. Personally, i would rather have a tab chopped to bits and learn from it than to just have my stuff rejected without explanation. But again, you will just end up cluttering the site from good tabs.
thats my two sense.
yaeh. thats not a bad idea. and it does help when people explain why they dont want the tab.