I won some money and intend to spend it all on a new PRS guitar. No rational reason for selecting PRS except I like how they look and never thought I could afford one, but now I can.

I already have a Fender Strat and mainly play classic rock, blues and some country.

What I am looking for is a guitar that is versatile and compliments the Strat. I was thinking of either a 513 or a Hollowbody.

Does anyone have any view on these guitars (or any other PRS model) and is there anything I should particularly look for (e.g. PRS offer 3 different bridges and the hollowbodies can have a piezo pickup). Which would best complement the Strat? Is there anyother PRS model that would be better?

Appreciate any thoughts or comments. Thanks
well. i dont know anything about PRS guitars. but ill ask a question to help the people who do know about them.

what is your budget if you have one?
I have a Custom 24, And I've played on a few others here and there, It really depends how much you're happy to spend to which one you get.
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I couldn't afford a signed PRS (lol) but I went to Guitar Center (n Memphis) found a SingleCut, that looks awesome, tried it, loved it, bought it with tax money, 600 or so dollars, made in Korea, but the quality is just awesome, sounds good (in drop B for chevelle)
if you're willing to part with that amount of cash, the 513 is probably one of the most versatile electrics on the market at the moment. it does pretty much anything - find one and try it out. also bear in mind that there are two neck types available on prs guitars (they somewhat resemble gibson 50s (fat) and 60s (thin) necks).
definitely go and try out some PRS guitars and don't be surprised if you want to sell your strat just to have more money for PRS! but maybe the CU22/24 with tremolo
+1 for the Custom 22/24. IMO it's versatile enough, you don't really need to spend all that extra money on a 513.
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Check out 513. I just sold my Cu24 and now going to pick up one of these. Some feel the 513 proprietary pickups are not that good, others think they are great. Go play and decide for yourself.
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i dont think theres a wrong choice with prs. the only guitar i might stay away from is the mccarty II because the active pickup system seems to be quite an oxymoron. (never played it but i read a review in a guitar mag)

the mira is simple and has great tone as well as great playability. every bit as good as the more standard prs'.

i would also reccomend the custom 22 (its what i have). I personally think it is more versitile than the 24 simply because the pickups haven nicer cleans/light crunch. however, it doesnt really suffer in the high gain department at all. You just need to put more gain on the amp. it sounds smoother and fatter (if thats what you are into). The coil split gives really nice, unique sounds. It sounds clear but also full at the same time. Perfect if you think a strat is too biting but a les paul is to muddy.

i have never played the 513 but i hear it sounds amazing.
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take a look at the johnny highlander prs. Quite possibly the most versatile prs
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if you can, go for a mccarty. one of the most versatile guitars out there, very comfortable, easy to play and has some of the best sounding pickups out there.
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prs sunburst 22

it's got the new PRS 57/08 pickups, dunno how they sound though

either that or a custom 22/24
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If you can, try before you buy. Personally I find any PRS model really nice to play. I agree with the McCarty, some people think theyre muddy but I just dont get that at all.
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i'd say the 513. come on, it's got 5 individual pickups (yes, they're all single coils) thats awesome, and insanely diverse!
Thanks guys, greatly appreciate the comments.
Over the weekend went to the shop and played played a few PRS guitars. Still struggling between a (semi) hollow and a 513. Both sound and feel great and seem versatile. The semi hollow with piezo sounds the most different to my Strat so I am leaning that way. Plus in blue it looks great. Has anyone played one?

Once again, thanks for your comments
I have not played the semi hollow, but I've played the 513. gaw, it was amazing!
you're stuck between probably my two favorite PRS guitars but i'd vote 513 just because the style of music i play leans that way. the semi-hollow might not be great for high gain, but the 513 would be all over it. having said that, i'm not sure what type of music you'd be playing with it, so it definitely depends on what you need it to do
Quote by Pac_man0123
Dunno how the guitars feel or sound but a piezo system always gives me a stiffy

I have the Hollowbody II with Piezo setup. Freaking awesome!!!
Personally, I think this is absolutely amazing!!

I would clean the hardware after every practice sesh if I owned that..
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Hmm....take a look at the Custom 22/24, the Tremonti, or the Santana...all of which are quite good ( the Custom 24 even comes with a coil split ). The PRS hollowbody is interesting...but for hollowbodies, I think that Grestch is better, try a Grestch White Falcon and see how you like it
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