I'm buying a Mesa Boogie Single rec blindly. I haven't extensively played on the amp but I saw a deal so I jumped on it. Whatever its better than my stupid spider. ANYWAY I don't have enough $$ to buy a 4x12 mesa cab right now, but i need something that sounds good for my show coming up. Any suggestions on brands that I can find cheap used? I'm new to half stacks so i wouldn't know much. I play alt rock and metal like incubus, avenged sevenfold, papa roach, etc. I prefer to spend under $400 and I will buy used. I live in phoenix, az.
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you can try avatar cabs. used avatar 412 cabs might go under 400 if you're lucky.

otherwise, considering your budget, and considering the fact that 212s aren't much far off an option for your purposes, i would reccomend getting 212 cabs instead.

I'd suggest an Avatar 212 as well. Have a good read up on speakers, or just ask Avatar what they consider the best setup - their customer service seems to be well-respected.