ok, heres a bit of backstory to this recording -- it sucks balls because I have no real recording gear whatsoever. I plugged a digitech rp80 into my integrated soundcard and recorded at 16bit, so the volume has some issues and fluctuates at one point. Cant really do much for that.

Also, I happened to do the whole thing between 1AM and 6AM when I couldnt sleep last night. The chord progession, A, F, G, is the only really solid thing in there, the rest really lacks grounding and has some nastiness to it. And yes, I did over-edit it at some parts, but I only did so to minimize the quality (volume swells, noise) issues as much as I could. if I looped something in there (which I did once if you can catch it), I only replaced the EXACT same lick with a repeat of itself. I REALLY need actual recording equipment or a new pedal with an audio interface or something.

but really, it was more of an expression of emotion through creativity for me more than anything, Im going through a really rough time and couldnt sleep so I just did this. it's all improv.

and hell, I figured why not throw it up for criticism anyway.



RAHHHH Im too tired and need sleep now. I said A, C, F when I meant to say A, F, G. lol. sorry idk how that happened. anyway its edited/fixed now

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nice playing. after reading youre post i dident think this was going to be this good. nice job. you have a great tone going there. everything is in rthem and seems perfect. i can almost feel what you are going through by listening to this. you have the ability to make folks feel what you feel inside. nice job.

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As chasepalmer said, if you have a lot of expression in the music, especially in your lead playing. Really well done man I'm glad I listened to it, I'll look for your stuff on here when I can.

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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

i crit as i write.
your playing is solid good feel in the riffs na dthe leads are flowing. the is issues with the quality, but you've pointed out that your gear is not up to it.
so to get what you got is an achievement.
the title tho.....
... you do know it's a metallica title from death magnetic?

it's a good piece, you should get some gear together and do some more recordings.
it called'inside myself'.
cheers keep it up.
no, no I didnt know it was a title of death magnetic, the only song Ive heard off that album is all nightmare long (which I hated, but I loved the video).

but yeah I promise I'll get to crit all your pieces asap.

I just felt that I didnt work really hard at this one and saw a bunch of, probably really minute, problems with it. Maybe I just judge myself too harshly.

glad to see some good opinions of it though

Jackson dk2m
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peavey jsx 2x12 combo
Recording King RDC-26
Digitch RP1000
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