Hey were Revolt Autumn, Previously 'Zakk Daniels and the Bezzin' Experience' (LOL!).
We've been together since november/December time. Atm we've only got a video of when we played in a pub in may but over the next few weeks we should have a load of pics up and our debut EP.


The Vid is on there.

Any crits would be great, on either the myspace page or the video.

C4C welcome, just give me a link to your thread.

If you like us add us and drop a comment if you like

Hmm...the vocals are a bit soft in the video, but the instruments were really nice. I think the bass stands out quite a bit.

In the parts where the vocals were loud, it sounded pretty good, except for a few pitching problems were it sounds abit like you were searching for the right pitch for a split second.

But other than that, it's pretty good. I don't listen to this kind of music much, but if I was there, I'd probably be congratulating you afterwards =)
Thanks man, yeahh mattie (vox) was pretty drunk that night and we had no monitor so it wasn't that easy to hear ourselves.

Im guessing you're into more metal kinda stuff? (judging by you're band) So you'll most likly like some of our original stuff, so if i remember i'll give you a shout when we get our demo/EP recorded if you like.