I'm willing to pay a good tabber a small amount of cash ($10-$20) To tab out the following songs:

'A Murder To Child' by PsyOpus - All instruments
'The Marlboro Man is a Douche-Bag' by Ed Gein - Guitar/Drums
and 'Pee Wee Herman Paul Reubens' also by Ed Gein - Guitar Drums

It's somewhat urgent :]
Send me a message if you are willing/able to tab these up for me :]
I don't know the songs, but considering that one of them is by Psyopus it might be a little bit hard to find someone willing. Give it a shot yourself.
TheTranscriber transcribed the intro of Meshuggah's Pravus song, if he can do that, he can do anything.
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they suck sry.

****in math-metal kids.

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