So... its been like a year and a half since i used the forums, but somehow i always get drawn back in :P

I uploaded an acoustic song called "Clouds", its about living now and not thinking to mutch about future and past events.

The song is in my profile (its the only one haha).

Critics are welcome, and as always, you crit mine...
Tnx for the replies, atm i think if listened and replied to all the links posted by you guys.

BluePaintCult, yeah there is totaly 0 balance in this song level wise, its just recorded in 1 go with a headset microphone clamped on to my leg hehe, noticed the guitar was detuned later but im thinking about re-writing the guitar part anyway. This song started with vocals and i wanted to structure it and get some oppinions first before starting to really pimp it hehe.
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I like it. I find acoustic work harder to do, because I make frets buzz this and that. Sadly I hide behind my distortion a touch. Overall I really liked it.

crit me?
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Hehe, im not mutch of an acoustic player myself, i usualy play electric.

Tnx for the crit mate!
I like this song a lot.
The intro seems to take too long for my patience (just a few simple chords over and over) but when you get into it, and slam that chorus, it sounds wonderful.

You have nice vocals, emotional vocals, which is what this song calls for. You might want to take a jazzier approach to it, though. When you get to the slow quiet parts, draw them out longer and more subtler. Almost like you're about to cry. you get me?

I love this song, and with a little cleanup on production it'll sound really really nice.
I wouldn't change the writing at all, man.
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Hehe, tnx alot mate

Yeah i know what your getting at, ive only been singing for a short while (less then a year), before that i only played mostly eletric guitar.

I have the same feeling with the chords after a while atm, its there to set the mood, but could use some filler licks. Im planning on adding some acoustic bass to it.
Hey, like the vocal, reminds me a little of Leo Kottke, song could liven up if played with a 12 string or 12 string effect, and a little tuning....good work...!!!