So I'm in the market for a new amp, been doing alot of research and alot of craigslist/ebay browsing. and i can across two pretty stellar deals.

The first one, which I'm leaning towards a little bit more now, is a Carvin Legacy 100w(switchable to 50w) head for $200. For 200 bucks thats a steal any way you look at it, I've listened to a bunch of clips online and they sound great. I know they are Steve Vais signature model, so I'll be able to get a whole spectrum of sounds if I wanted to probably. But I dont know anywhere that stocks carvins for me to go try them out before I decide to buy it, so it will mostlikely be a blind purchase. (Or should I say deaf purchase? hah)

*edit* Ok I actually got in touch with the guy for the legacy and he made a mistake on his ad on CL. He paid 200 for the 6L6s he said, the price of the head is $500. Though I can probably talk him down. But it still remains lets say this head will be anywhere from $400 to 500. I'm still considering it.

The other one is a vintage 1982 carvin x100b half stack that includes the head and the matching 4x12 for $600 <- Not a set price, I will be able to haggle with him. Which is also a steal in my opinion.

Now I've been reading alot about carvin and it seems like they are amps that no ones really heard of now adays, yet they used to be really popular back in the day. Very good quality, all tube amps.

Now my question to you guys is which one do you think I should go after? I play a very wide range of music, anywhere from Blues to Metal. Obviously neither will do everything by itself, but I want one that with only like 1 or 2 pedals will really open up to a whole spectrum of sounds. I'm leaning towards the legacy, but I dont know what year its from or any of that info, but I do know the x100b is the 80's style one and I do like the way it sounds. the x100b is more high gain though and I don't know if thats necessarily what I'm looking for.

Examples of music that I play on the regular:
Coheed and Cambria
Pink Floyd
Iron Maiden

And as of lately:
Stevie ray vaughn
BB King
George Thorougood (I think i spelled his name wrong)
Lots of other classic rock/bluesy stuff that my dad was into back in the 70's that he asked me to start learning haha.

Sooo what do you think? the x100b half stack or the legacy head? Obviously I'd have to go get a cab for the head.
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Both are great amps. I've got friends with both and I've heard them pretty regularly. The x100 seems a better deal because it comes with a cabinet. And bear in mind that the x100b is the amp that Steve Vai was using before he designed the Legacy.
The only other specific quality of the Legacy is that you can use both 6L6s and EL34s. The X100 is only EL34s.

Obviously try them both out if you can. Make sure they're in good working condition. I'd go with the X100B half stack as a better deal.
x100b gets my vote. Talk him down to $450-500. I've seen the heads in the mid $200's so $500 for head and cab would be a fair price imo.
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The x100b is a great amp! I bought one from around 1987 and I cannot think of replacing it. I got the head with a Peavey cab for $500. Beautiful tone! I don't know which tubes were built in for what years, but mine has 6l6 tubes in it.

This amp is really made for classic rock or maybe indie rock. It makes loose, crunchy distortion. Not the really tight, high gain distortion you will need for metal.
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Thanks for the advice guys! I actually just talked to the owner of the Legacy and he said hes actually thinking about taking the ad down because he decided to keep it. So thats a no go unless I want to search for one on ebay.

as for the x100b thats still an option I'm shooting the guy an email now.

heres the CL ad for that:

"All tube carvin xb100 halfstack. All original, from the early 80's (Around 1982). Head has 6l6 tubes. Cab has all original english celestion g12-50's, exact same models as in the marshall cabs of the time (70's-early 80's). Great condition, considering its about 30 years old. Im askin 600 bucks for a Vintage all tube head AND 412 cab. Price ISN'T firm, so shoot me an offer. Im also may be up to trade, so let me know what ya got. "
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Do it! 6L6s, huh? Maybe its just the reissue that had 34s

yeah from the info I came across, the reissue has the 34s.

Yeah I'm definately going to do it now haha. Just waiting to hear from him.

I'm going to have to sell something though in order for me to have money to spend on living for the next week haha. If I can snag it for 450-500 I'll have like 20 bucks left to my name for the week XD
*Bumped for breaking news*

So i got in touch with the guy selling the x100b half stack right now. I asked him if he would take $450 for it and he said he would!! What a freaking deal and a half!!

All I gotta do now is find a way to come up with an extra 50 bucks so I can have some money for the next week or so. Tryin to sell my DSi right quick on craigslist. I've only got like 420 in the bank so I'm either going to have to borrow some money or hopefully sell the DSi.

Wish me luck!! Im stoked! Once I have the money on hand I'm going to go check it out and if I like it I'll snatch it up right there.
$450 would be a good deal on it like I said above. But you do have to eat, lol. If you have to, maybe grab the head this week for $250 and the cab next week for $200. Just a thought. It won't really kill you to stare at a head without a cab for a week, as much as it seems like it would.

And congrats, I hope it plays well etc.

Edit: V Ah, mom and dad, your set you won't starve.
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Well I still live at home with the parents so they buy me food, and all my bills are paid for this month so i'm fine living on the edge of broke for the next week. hah. but yeah I'm like just slightly short on the cash for right now, but I talked to the guy and he said he'll just wait for me to get all the money and give him a call. I can always ask someone to borrow 50 bucks for a week, I get paid next thursday anyways.

Thanks though, I hope it plays good as well.