The guitar was dropped about uhm, i don't know 2-3 feet a few days ago becuasethe strap broke.(I Bought a new strap a few days ago though ). But i can not get it to stay in tune, now the guitar was great for staying in tune before that accident. and for those of you who aren't familiar with the Ibanez ART series, there almost carbon copies or Gibson LP's, similair bridge,tail peice, ect. Only difference is the active pickups and finish pretty much.

I've tried a few things so far, such as stretching the strings by tuning them up octaves and down octaves, that made the problem less severe for about 2 days.But now, its just like it was before the stretching. will not stay in tune.

Now, there is no damage that i can see just by looking at the guitar, just a little about half a centimetre mark on the bottom of the guitar. The Bridge and tailpeice look fine, tuners look fine, but something isnt right.

i'm going away to my camp tomorrow so i might bring it down today to the store i got it b/c its still under warranty. but if not today defenatly when i get back ina aweek or so.

so help me please!!

by the way, sorry for all that text, just thought i should clearly explain the problem

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Check around the neck area where it's set into the pocket. Also look for anycracks around the headstock. If you can't find any loosen the strings and ensure the tuners are frimly mounted too. Sometimes as the wood ages, the tuners wiggle /wobble in the post holes and the nut clamping them in place needs tightening.
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Why would you tune a string an octave higher and lower from what it's designed for?

No wonder it won't stay in tune, you've made a mess of the strings if you've done that.
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i didnt even know stings could go an octave higher without breaking something.
Theres nothing wrong with the guitar. I have one and it's fine. Just learn to string things properly. Theres a good tutorial around.